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We make sustainable, natural deodorants that inspire the senses – and actually work.

Starter Kit

Reset your routine with our refillable deodorants today. Choose our Starter Kit as a one-time purchase or subscribe to receive regular refills.

How to insert your refills

1. Remove and recycle your refill cap

2. Separate the holder cap, body and base

3. Insert your new refill into the holder body

4. Push the holder base into body to cover the refill

5. Push the refill up through hole in the base and apply

6. When finished, attach the cap on top to close

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Our community says


By far the best natural deodorant I have tried. No matting or stickiness and smells great.



Smells divine... and perfect handbag size! A must have for the morning routine.



Natural deodorant that actually works, smells amazing and looks incredibly chic. Highly recommended!


Part of something bigger

We love hearing your thoughts and ideas. We also love giving back to our community, be it in Nottingham, where some of our components are made, or further afield. Tell us what environmental initiatives you would like to see us get involved in – beach clean-ups, rewilding projects, you name it, we want to contribute.