Finding Balance: calming techniques to unwind and recharge

Finding Balance: calming techniques to unwind and recharge

When you are caught in the busy everyday, finding the time and means to restore your inner calm can be trying. We believe in the power of self-care, a practice that involves the means of your choice to shift the focus back onto you. 

If you are feeling lost or out of inspiration, here are some easy practices to guide you.


One of the oldest practices in wellness, meditation has proven its efficacy in restoring mindfulness. Fairly easy and accessible, meditation still requires dedication, as a daily practice is recommended. If you are looking to implement new habits to improve your mental health, refocus and improve your attention, try a daily 10 minute meditation. You can practice at your own pace and try different techniques, whether that is guided meditations or simply sitting in silence. 

Arts, crafts and puzzles

There is peace to be found in making something out of nothing. From an amateur painting to a 5000 piece jigsaw or knitting, there is an activity for everyone. Besides being good fun and a great way to pass time, these activities allow the brain to switch off from the daily buzz and focus the attention on one thing only. They also offer a great range of options for beginners and pros alike, so you never run out of unwinding time hobbies. 

Yoga and exercise

No exercise routine is fit for all and high intensity exercise simply isn’t for everyone. Implementing a form of exercise that works for you will make a difference in your wellbeing, with a focus on your mental health. Letting go of stress through yoga or any other form of weekly exercise is immensely beneficial, mainly because it dedicates time to balance it with work and obligations. If you are looking for low intensity exercise to fit in your schedule, try the famous daily walk outdoors, beginner yoga sessions or stretching.


Quite literally the oldest trick in the book, reading has forever been a way to recharge and disconnect from everything worrisome. If you plunge your attention into a piece of fiction, biography, non-fiction or even a recipe book, you allow yourself to get drawn into the content and return to your daily activities recharged. Reading also calms the breath and naturally relaxes the reader, so pick up a book and sink right in. 

Wellness is one of our core focuses, and we aim to bring awareness to the importance of self-care and the role personal care plays in it. Allocate time to shift the focus back on yourself, doing things you enjoy and find value in.