Shea Butter: nature's powerhouse ingredient

Shea Butter: nature's powerhouse ingredient

When working with natural ingredients to develop our deodorants’ formula, we made it a necessity to use only the best performers.

Working with your skin’s barrier, we wanted shea to be part of our deodorants to give your underarm skin the care it deserves. Here is a closer look at one of nature’s best gifts to our skin.

Widely overlooked

Shea butter is used in a vast range of face moisturisers and body butters, although often over-processed and used in small concentrations. Its benefits are reduced to merely noticeable, as it is counteracted by harsh and irritating ingredients. Shea is full of vitamins and minerals that are stripped away when formulated in most non-natural products. 

A universal remedy 

Shea butter’s best asset is its suitability for all skin types. It is soothing for the most sensitive skin types and helps balance oil production in oilier skin types. Shea butter is also known to be gentle enough to be used on babies’ skin.

Healing properties

Shea butter is nature’s powerhouse ingredient, with a long list of skin-friendly properties. It helps in improving skin elasticity by providing deep moisture, whilst being non-comedogenic. 

Shea’s healing ability makes it a staple in skin regeneration, and suits ageing skins looking for a natural anti-ageing solution. It is also a scar-fading remedy, a helping hand with stretch marks and small wounds. It is also associated with soothing flare-ups of common skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, both underserved in natural solutions and alternative treatments to steroids or harsh topical creams. 

The growth in popularity of shea butter is a step in the right direction in opening the conversation about the efficacy of natural ingredients. In an industry where too many products are chemically over-engineered, personal care products are evolving to include potent ingredients sourced directly from nature.

At SANS-, our approach of less is more alway applied to ingredients too, as we selected a handful of natural ingredients to create our deodorants.