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About us

Welcome to SANS-. We believe in the joy of the elevated ritual. 

We think your daily routine should be a space for serenity, a respite from the sound and the fury. That’s why we designed our deodorants to be a source of escape and considered self-care.   


Making positive changes

Traditional deodorants are full of synthetic ingredients that work against, not with, your body and the environment. Our challenge was to find the best alternatives, considering efficacy, impact, and, of course, beautiful, immersive scent.

Infinitely recyclable, infinitely beautiful 

Each year in the UK, the average individual throws away around 10 aerosol deodorants. Most deodorants come in plastic or other non-biodegradable and non-recyclable materials. 

After significant research, we found a way to omit plastic from the deodorant equation, opting instead to manufacture our Capsules from aluminium – infinitely recyclable, infinitely beautiful. 

Our refillable Capsules are worthy of display in your bathroom and can last a lifetime.

Our refills 

Our refills are made from natural ingredients, but they work to protect the environment in many other ways, too. 

Aluminium aerosol deodorants contribute to ground-level ozone, a pollutant which negatively impacts plant and animal respiration. Liquid roll-ons and traditional stick deodorants depend on plastic engineering to function, only adding to the waste mountain. 

Our stick refills do not carry these implications. They come in zero-plastic cardboard packaging, so you can smell and feel good.